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Re: 2011 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

Summer 2011, War of the Worlds Special

Wow, two specials in a row with names related to the content, pretty easy in this case, but could this be a trend?

Cover 7 (more action-packed than a typical pinup, and well done too)

Gallery - 6 (rather spare, and not much new, but nice looking)

St. Petersburg - 7 (it only has one thing to tell, but it tells it pretty well, powerfully enough to be almost poetic)

Legacy - 6 (the art doesn't look so hot, but works well enough for the piece to tell almost the same story as St. Petersburg, almost as well)

Divine Wind - 6 (I quite liked the story and its telling, though the art is very effective there are some times it looks cheesy rather than stylish)

The Oath - 7 (his anime hair and Maria's anime eyes were pretty silly, but the rest of the art helps the story a great deal, it's pretty gripping and has some real depth)

The Patient - 6 (I thought this was pretty good overall, with an interesting perspective from the crazy point of view, art that did a good job but no more, but it it seemed I wanted more from it.

The Captain - 7 (the most interesting art in the bunch, in my view, and an ok story. The pasted-in text on the portrait and in the last panel really didn't fit in and detracted from the story, and Thunder Child II? I kind of get it, but where did that come from?)

So I accepted that this was a promo and enjoyed this issue just fine. A lot of effort seems to be going into this movie so I hope they actually pull it off, I might even go see it if it really makes it to a theater near me. The huge catalog and 29 pages of ads total didn't strike me as a lot, but looking back it's more than usual.

Re: 2009 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

Re: 2009 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

cover - 8 (It's more than just another pinup, and Royo is very good. The treatment of the HM logo is complementary. I wouldn't know it's related to the content if it hadn't been pointed out. I must be missing something, again.)

Dossier - 7 (More powerful blasts from the past.)

Gallery - 6 (Some good stuff here, wish there was more to it. The book sounds interesting.)

Khulan - 8 (I found the art and style quite appealing, and the black hair on the 6th page only added mystery. The story is well told, a time-worn subject made exciting.)

Arawn - 7 (The art is great though not consistently so, I like the story enough even with the uneven translation, but if I hadn't read the previous one in HM about a hundred years ago it would have been harder to enjoy.)

Records of the Human Arrival to Planets Aqua and Gris - 8 (The art is good, he seems to like portraits too. I like the story and its telling survives the translation barrier.)

Metal Media - 7 (Here we go. A review/article looking forward to complement Dossier's looking back. Nice idea and I hope it keeps up.)

Sleepless Night - 6 (Haven't seen Azpiri for a while, it's fun and I know some people really like him.)

Goliath-Outpost - 7 (Now there's some mayhem for ya. Pretty cool and I hope this bodes well for the movie and that it actually comes out someday.)

Artist Studio -6 (From forum poster to the mag's pages. A look at his website shows that this guy is pretty prolific and has been doing it for a while, which is more impressive to me than some of this work. That's ok, he's got more.)

back cover - 7 (Pretty nice, the paint texturing adds to it here and in the story.)

Re: 2011 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

well, late to the party again, but here goes:

May 2011

Cover - 4 (sorry, it's just not interesting to me. you like it? good. it's bright and eye-catching, I hope it sells.)

Dossier - 6 (I like Zippy and history, blasphemy can be funny)

Gallery - 6 (he's good, the style and subjects are ok)

Tarot Cards - 5

The Soul Devourer - 6 (it was most successful for me in setting the tone, of a vision quest type adventure, less so with the art and translation)

Tao Bang - 7 (I liked the art, some panels were really good. The storytelling was less inspiring, and it was so apparent this was part of a continuing story that it detracted from this part of it.)

Scavengers - 7 (the idea of a metal eating space monster is the coolest part)

Side Images - 5 (the light story is further inhibited by the flat art and the translation)

Saving Poor Elsy Shelby - 8 (I usually like Xalabarder's imagination, this one was less interesting, until the ending, which really enticed me with the descent to madness leading to the somewhat mind-blowing last panel.)

In the Blues - 8 (I thought this was good, but as I thought about it I saw that it was very well done, even though it didn't really excite me.)

Artist Studio - 5 (two pig masks in one issue?)

there were some interesting ads and things, but the inside back cover - HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa - the joke's on me! something old with something new. I think this is the first Gates reference in the print magazine.)

Re: 2009 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

well, I figure I've waited long enough for Intone Flux, but I hope he decides to weigh in.

Spring 2011, Living Dead Special:

Heavens, I've lived long enough that a special's name actually relates to the contents! Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.

Spaghetti Gunsmoke - 8 (I thought this was great. The usual Azurek mayhem and disdain for perspective that I enjoy, with funny writing and an almost thoughtful ending. Best I've seen from them.)

100 Souls: the City of the Damned - 7 (I thought this was very well done, with more originality in the story than I might expect from a zombie tale.)

Take Your Time - 7 (short and sweet, and, um, incisive)

Zombies: The Divine Comedy - 9.5 (man, I liked this. The art was nice with composition and detail I liked. The story was excellent and the telling fantastic, with a wide range from hilarious to gripping to poignant. This is the best story I've seen in HM for a long time.)

I'll admit I'm not a big zombie fan, but this issue had so much to offer that I really enjoyed. Also I thought the ads with full page graphics actually added to the content, and at least the old HM website ad was on the back of the order form. I hope it keeps up like this.

Re: 2011 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

nice to see Intone Flux with a rating, this was his idea anyway.

kanokano, thanks for your views, keep 'em coming

DP, why don't you write one, you know you want to

anyway, here's mine:

March 2011

Cover - 7 (well done but tame, 3 plastic guns?)

Dossier - 6 (i appreciate Mr. Ringgenberg's efforts to show comic art history by remembering artists who pass away, but i'd like to see more than that, in the limited space he has.)

Gallery - 7 (nice technique with some imagination)

Tarot Cards - 5 (is that Lynn Redgrave? (2-21-11) no it's not. i saw a Julie-Boris art book with a very similar painting, that says it's her mother-in-law)

Forms of Death - 5

Requiem - 8 (brings over-the-top to new heights, at least we got to see a bit more of him than usual)

Strain - 6 (interesting but simple)

Dreamfall - 6 (more simple but more interesting to me)

Riders - 7 (I like Azurek stuff for the wacky absurdity. it looks like they just read Fistful of Blood)

Awakening - 7 (even more obtuse than much of Llarena's other stuff. those transdimensional aliens are stirring things up again.)

Rpnzl Overdrive - 6 (looks nice, but isn't IM so last decade?)

Caveman - 6 (Caveman's greatest hits remix continues)

Artist Studio - 6 (nice looking but less imagination than i like. another straightjacket?)

back cover - 6

i may not act impressed but overall i think this is a solid issue. nice range of content and ads, of course i want even more. i am being mocked with the old website ad on the inside back cover.

also, i like the .pdf sample pages on the website. it gave me a chance to see some of it before i got to the store to buy the issue.

Re: 2011 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

January 2011

Cover - 7 (though it's just a pinup, i liked it. she's plenty cute, there's some enticing detail, though sometimes it's silly, and the lack of bosom makes it unique)

Dossier - 7 (hey, i'm old, i like old stuff, and i liked seeing the interview)

Gallery - 6

Tarot Cards - 5

Fiendy - 7 (piles of fun, and pretty funny too. i like the style and execution, but isn't her hand backwards in the last panel?)

The Holo-Marketeer - 7 (i like the format and the story is fun to read. kind of reminded me of an old HM story (80's?) with some guy who was "memory-hooding" his wife/gf before plunging his spacecraft into a sun to save humanity or earth or something)

Wisher - 7 (excitement and fantasy in a sort-of classic graphic novel style)

Good Business - 7 (too topical)

Cargo - 7 (it's a promo, but it's nice, and i'm looking forward to the movie. hope they tell Joe Pearson sorry for the spelling)

Stalking Arr - 7 (wow, Matt Howarth does a post apoc new world)

Artist Studio - 7 (nice range, i especially liked the winter spirit one)

back cover - ? (is having the ad for the old website ironic? retro? facetious?)

nice issue, more please

Re: FALL 2010

(to Intone Flux) is it so bad? that you'll review one you haven't even read?

you'll give me such a fright.

which is not what i got from Fall 2010 "Fright Special" but i enjoyed it anyway.

Claudia Red Opiun - 6.5 ( same idea but done a bit better. i might wish for more from less but at least it tries to do more with more. )

The Conspiracy - 7 ( that's funny. i wish i believed in such things but i just can't. )

The Revenge of Count Skarbeck - 8 ( i liked this more than the previous chapter in Summer 2005 Mystery Special (!?). There were scenes that were so well composed and executed that even i noticed. i liked the way the story was told. i like this in HM even though it's relatively light on fantasy. but 5 years between installments? )

the ads are fewer and perhaps a bit less nasty. hoping the mag finds the right ad mix, and maybe brings in something new.

Re: 2010 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

well, i guess i can stop waiting for Intone Flux's review ( broken link ). too bad, i like his opinions but i'll respect his decisions.

so here's mine, November 2010:

Cover - 7

Tarot Cards - 5

Gallery - 6

Dossier - 6 (i learned a bit about Superman, but i'm not too interested in statues.)

1969 - 4 (it was done ok, but why is it here?)

Biocosmosis- Savas - 7 (i liked it more than the previous one in March 2009, guess i got it more, and i liked the action)

Those Who Accept - 7.5 (i really like Llarena's writing, the art is good, but the writing makes me wish for more from it.)

The Goddess Who Lives Inside - 7 (i like this "series" for its imagination, this one's a bit uneven but it still has some good stuff.)

The Lovers of the Eiffel Tower -4 (ok, but why is it here? oh, i think i get it)

The Last Kiss - 6 (there we go, a bit more of the fantasy stuff with the sex here. wish the art was more polished.)

Artist Studio - 7 (i liked the robotty ones)

effin' free porn card - 0 (is this done by HM or is it the distribution?)

Re: 2010 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

September 2010:

Cover - 7 (not my cup of tea, but very well executed)

Dossier - 8 (a gracious retrospective that filled in some of the many gaps in my knowledge of Frazetta's work)

Gallery - 7 (yes, please, a bit more surrealism with my pinup)

Tarot Cards - 5 (but a bit more appealing to me than many)

The Sun Will Die Blind - 8 (imaginative art and writing that kept getting better, i thought it was ending at page 6, but it picked up speed instead. nice)

Fluorescent Black - 8.5 (for me this was the best installment, it seemed to come together and add the the whole. i like a bit of philosophical perspective with my fantasy, and the us against the man theme takes me back)

The Woodsman and the Dryads - 7 (i liked the art and the twist in the story, though it made me infer some things rather than show them to me. i did not find it through the forum search, but you can see the preview of this strip in cuervoscuro's other posts here.)

Joe in the Future - 6 (i enjoyed the story-with-illustrations format, and i liked the humor in the writing. sometimes i wish life was just about finding smokes. i thought the art could have used more development, to give me more to look at. i'm going to have to look up some of the other instances of this in previous issues, i know they're there but i don't remember them)

Off the Deep End - 6 (looks like it could be fun, but it just stopped)

Three Little Murders - 7.5 (i thought it was really well done. the combination of art styles and the writing appealed to me. the cheesehead was hilarious)

Colt the Outlander - 6 (glad it's continuing)

Artist Studio - 6 (a wide range of style and execution)

Back Cover - 5

Re: 2010 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

Summer 2010, where again it is clear that knowing the meaning of the names of specials is forbidden.

Cover - 7 (not very bright or eye-catching, but the composition and detail are appealing to me, and I liked the somewhat translucent logo)

Battery Acid - 6 (I liked the art here better than #1 in Spring 2009, color helps, but the "story" is even more pointless (though I did like the line "Indeed! "Why me?" On this, the most important question, we agree" ). I don't mind a serial but I hope they come more often than once a year.

Sinkha: Atmosphere and Planet of the Clouds - 7 (I enjoyed looking at this, and trying to follow it was ok. I'm afraid that the art technique that was groundbreaking in 1996 has only slightly improved, the detail and lush imagery are offset by rather stiff poses and composition. Still fun to see, and I wonder if this is really the end of the story.)

Re: 2010 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

July 2010:

Cover - 7 (if you're going to have a chick posing in some getup, it might as well be by Royo)

Featured Artist - 6 (classic style...)

Dossier - 6 (old school or just old stuff, I'm old so it's ok)

Gallery - 7

Tarot Cards - 5

Remnants - 8 (again, Llarena's writing gives me something to think about. the art is adequate)

The Big Payback - 6 (this really reminds me of Don Woods in the 80's.)

The Epic of Gilgamesh - 7 (I didn't know much of this classic story so I had to look it up. I think the art is well done, probably better than The Insurgents of Edaleth, it does a lot without outlines. looking forward to more)

Voices of Time - 7 (it's not breaking new ground but I like it)

Priest of Time Island - 6 (I like what it's trying to do)

Great Catch - 5 (Surprise - not)

Cold Day in Hell - 5

Caveman - 4 (is he going to redo everything in two page color?)

Artist Studio - 6 (I like the technique)

another ad for the old website, maybe it's hiding somewhere

Re: 2010 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

May 2010:

Cover - 2 (my apologies to the artist, who certainly has some ability, but I don't like this a bit. Looking for something to enjoy in something without imagination, instead I find the flower and sparkles, the misspelled gauge on the gun, and the software generated fishnet with rips in lines instead of stretched, just annoying)

Dossier - 7 (I like reading about the old stuff, maybe I'll even buy one of the anthologies. The article about Anky Cyriaque, and later ad for the movie, was interesting, but too bad the text got messed up, and the websites don't work for me.)

Gallery - Jeff Slemons - 7 (nice, vivid, and GIANT MONKEY HEADED ROBOTS!! whew!)

Tarot Cards - 5

Voodoo Derivat - 7 (the story is somewhat topical. The art style reminded me of R Crumb)

Regulator #4 - 7 (big finish, sometimes drags getting there)

Phantom of the Coliseum - 6

Circus of Revelations - 7 (imaginative story)

Lonely Cry in Space - 6

Dark Pandemonium - 7 (I often like Azurek stuff, even if it's kind of one dimensional. I wish more stories had English Supervisors, it helps here)

Thank You Monsieur Forest - 8 (so Barbarella is now a classic to be riffed on? OK. this was funny too)

Artist Studio - 3 (obviously some people like chicks with guns. doesn't do it for me though)

back cover -2

there's a resurgence of crap in the ads (pornomation? sheesh) and the ad for the "old" HM website is absurd even if I could see how it could get there in the transition.

Re: 2010 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

my search for the mythical meaning to specials' names brings me to:

Spring 2010 - Mythical Special

Cover - 5

Seaman's Yarn - 6 (I liked it even though the translation might be the best thing about it. "This saw has never failed me" was funny too.)

Descur - 7 (I think the writing is excellent, the story is ok, for me the art technique falls short but it's very successful in expressing the action.)

The Insurgents of Edaleth: Deliverance - 7 (It's got a lot I like, but I don't recall the previous one enough to follow the plot. Guess I could look it up.)

Back cover - 6

anyone else? you know you want to.

Re: 2009 - Present issue' ratings 1-9

March 2010:

Cover - 6 (she's fine, but it's still just posing in some getup. the gun must be made of air because it looks weightless. the gears are just all over, but at least the teeth have some curve instead of straight sides, that always bugs me. (nerd alert: spur gear teeth have involute profiles))

Featured Artist - 7 (old school)

Dossier - 8 (the Apollo program was really cool when I was growing up. I thought this was a neat story, and cutting up patches to get moon dust into his paintings is just nuts.)

Gallery: 7 (I like the landscapes)

Tarot Cards - 5

Two Little Sisters and a Riddle - 8 (I like this series for its imagination, and this is a good one. the riddle for me is if it's still continuing)

Requiem -8 (you can't argue with suc- ex- sex- cess, it does rock. I really enjoyed the antique weapons, I'd seen the piano gun before}

Forgive Me Father - 7 (well told. it reminded me of recent stories of clashes between monks and the military in Myanmar)

On Stage - 6

The Great Medicine - 7 (so is this part of a series of stories or a book?)

Caveman - 6 (a good story, but hasn't he done this one?)

Artist Studio - 7

Back Cover - 6 (a fox and a gopher?)

effin' free porn card - 0

nice issue

Re: JANUARY 2010 ratings 1-9

January 2010:

Cover - 6 (looks good, just not my favorite style)

Dossier - 6 (Horror Punk? I like it anyway)

Gallery - 8 (The colors and patterns were arresting. The outfits were plenty wacky, and I like the live models. The one without was static and made me wish for more detail in the background.)

Tarot Cards - 5

Insomnia - 6 (It was a bit interesting, but what got me was how small the head seemed in proportion to the body, even with what was missing.)

Windows - 5 (I don't care for peeping toms, but kind of funny)

Mortemer - 8 (The story and art were well done, the story was complex and it grew. I agree that the translation was good.)

The Orange - 5 (I liked the art enough, the story seemed to be trying to say something more than some guy gets his perv on, but I didn't really get it.)

The Spirit and the Flesh - 7 (Fun to read. Does it continue?)

Zen: Alien vs Demon Part 2 - 7 (Pretty cool action, but I don't know what's really going on)

Artist Studio - 7 (nice and imaginative)

(I also liked a couple new and different ads, and the few photos from the con were cool too.)

Re: FALL 2009 ratings 1-9

Fall 2009

cover - 8 (I liked it, it was the same, but different. Simple, maybe subtle, and orange.)

The Devil's Cave - 3 (not even a short story, just short.)

Claudia - 6 (a bunch of action packed nonsense, the characterisations were often lame, but some humor, and I enjoyed looking for the details in the art.)

video ads - people pay $30 and $40 for these??

Call of the LocNar - 5 (the art is not its strong point, and the story is hardly better. I managed to enjoy some of the action, and the writing when red went nuts.)

back cover - 5 (nickel?)

I'm just some fan, so it's just my opinion.

Re: 2009 issue' ratings 1-9

November 09:

Cover - 6, different but the same

Dossier - 6

Gallery - 7

Tarot Cards - 5

Reruns - 7, a fracture in time...

Silver Bullets in my Gun - 6

Arawn: Bran the Damned - 7.5, I liked it

Colt the Outlander - 6, I think I'll like it more as it goes on

Dtox - 7

Cave Man - 6, fight or flight?

Threads of Fate - 7, imagination and some insight

Artist Studio - 7

Back Cover - 6, looks like fun
Re: 2009 issue' ratings 1-9

great review as always Intone Flux


cover - 8, the story related cover is nice, and rare, as Kadath noted.

Gallery - 6, I liked the mechanical bookworm

Dossier - 8, being old, I like stuff about old stuff

Tarot Cards - 5

Tempus Fugit - 7, the translation is off, but I like the time travel to meet telepathic neanderthals. Also the art reminds me of Rock Opera from the 80's, one of my all time favorites.

A Woman For All The Seasons - 4, at least there's an android

Fluorescent Black - 8, an impressive story powerfully told, even if I don't get it all the time, the art is too busy for me at times.

Carl the Cat - 4, the censorship would be funny if it wasn't so CENSORED stupid. kind of funny in a narrow way.

My Kingdom for an Apple - 5

Colt the Outlander - 6

Artist's Gallery - 7

wow Intone Flux, how long did it take you to make that post?

Re: SUMMER 2009

 there's a lot there, and I mean that as a compliment. have some time on your hands?

anyway, Summer 2009:

Cover - 8

Seasons - 6 nicely drawn

Slum Nation - 7 enough fantastical wackiness to make it interesting, the art style isn't my favorite but it works well for me here, the story almost had some depth.

Late Work - 6 another Picasso story...

Sophia - 7 even though it feels a little flat at times, I like the style, it helped me read through it. the story is obtuse but I was able to appreciate it for the broad tale it tried to tell.

July 2009 issue ratings 1-9

July 2009 slightly less delayed:

Cover 6

Dossier - 6

Gallery - 7

Tarot Cards - 6

Mission Accomplished - 5

Slayer of Oakwood Manor - 5

Borgia - 9 ( awesome, those Borgias are nuts )

Orson - 6

The Coffins Will Dance No More - 7

Safe Sex - 7

Apocalypse - 6

Artist's Studio - 7

Back Cover - 7
May 2009 ratings 1-9

May 2009 delayed and abbreviated due to my personal lameness:

Tarot Cards - 5

Dossier - 8

False Gods - 6

Requiem - 8 ( vampires and such don't really do it for me but I have come to appreciate the energy of the art and the humor, I really liked the Bosch-like panel )

Killer Ball - 6

Prized Fight - 5

Run Away - 7

Fire Singer - 8 ( I liked the art and the story was different enough to be interesting )

Living City - 8

Cave Man - 6

effin' free porn card - 0

Based on Intone Flux' ratings

March 2009

Spring 09 Cryptic Special

(cryptic: mysterious in meaning, puzzling, ambiguous. the perfect name for specials as the names have no bearing on the contents)

cover - 6

(looks nice and slightly more imaginative than most)

(the graphic on the subscription ad on pg 3 is from the very early years, cool)

Break Point #2 - 7

(art and story are done well but not my favorite style. Break Point-The Matrioshka was in Summer 05)

Battery Acid - 5

(art's nice, story is light. to be continued? maybe it'll get more interesting)

Home Late - 7

(concept isn't really new but I like it anyway)

Descur Chapter 2 - 5

(the drawing is too sketchy for me, though I can appreciate the panel layout and how the sense of motion and action are prominent. the story seemed like it was filling time until #3)


this is my Immortal review. I should watch this again.


I liked Lostboy's Immortal review. Sort of on his advice, I watched it again. It's really fun to watch, and I want to go back and look at the stories in HM that it's loosely based on. The first time I watched it, I found myself wanting to see the hockey scene from Immortals' Fete, because I thought it would be cool. There were other things I would have liked to see, but watching it the second time let me see Enki Bilal's "vision" (or at least my take on his perspective) for the setting and story in the not so distant future.

What I really enjoyed was the combination of live action and CGI. There were times when it looked more like a video game than a movie, but I really thought it was done well. The feature about making the scenes with actors in motion capture outfits helped me appreciate the work that this takes, and how far this has come. There are parts where I'm not sure what is real and what isn't. Perhaps someday you won't be able to tell at all. (note-this technique has come a long way aready)

The cityscapes and the cars were nice to look at too. My favorite was John's car, when they broke out of Jill's hotel room, because my mom had one when I was a kid (it was a green 1955 four door)! The first time I saw it was a rush. Then I saw one on the street last night! (cue Twilight Zone music) Not many of them out there.

I'd really like to know what the gods were saying, especially at the end. I like to know what Jill said at the end as well, but at least it's a language I can get translated. I didn't know the literature that Nikopol was quoting, but I let the words add to the setting, like I did when reading the story.

So I liked the movie and would recommend it to people who like that sort of thing, like people who read HM and who look at forums like this.

thanks for the forum Lostboy.


so this is the last of my old magazine reviews

I had one more review of the movie "Immortal" which will follow. remember this was written in about 2005:

'May 1994'

the cover by Sire is neat, with the tough girl with impossibly long legs, the stylish bike, and humor ( a rolling pin in a holster? )

the Mitch O'Connell gallery was nice to see, Google tells me he's still working in Chicago.

the main story, The Disarmament by Mezzo and Pirus, has a strong story and nice drawing, which kind of reminded me of El Borbah. I wasn't totally amazed but I enjoyed it.

what really caught my eye in this issue was Boy Racer by Barron Storey. I found the art and story engrossing for the depth of feeling, which could be from it being presented as a personal story. On top of that, after the intro kind of thanks Kevin, this first panel has "Kevin, Heavy Metal Magazine is too Tits and Ass" across it. I found this brash and funny, as well as something I have some agreement with, and after all the back and forth in previous issues' Chain Mail about girls on the cover etc, it was amusing.

the From Beyond by P. Craig Russel was an interesting adaptation.

the Little Ego and The Evening Lover were nice to look at but thin.

the Strip Tease with a devil theme was fun, I really liked the Devil Burns a Sick Day by Landman, because of the apparent early use of computer graphics. Sisyphus always stikes a chord with me too.


another one from way back

'October 1978'

A fanciful and appealing cover, and just inside, ads for the Animal House movie, and tequila.

The editorial ends with an apology to Harlan Ellison and others for errors in the previous issue's "Croatoan"

The Corben "New Tales of the Arabian Nights" episode was short, but full of color and at least as sexy as usual.

"Exterminator 17" starts in this issue. I liked Bilal's black and white line drawing, and Dionnet's writing made this a story that I looked forward to seeing in new issues. A far fetched story, told about an unlikely future, so that it seems almost plausible.

"Orion" by Morrow was a story that had a lot to offer but did not impress me as much as many others.

"Off-Season" by Zha and Claveloux, I get it just enough to enjoy it, I think.

I always enjoyed Druilliet and "Gail", there's always so much to see. This one was short, and the last panel was visually arresting.

All the above were stories that ran over several, perhaps many issues. Some of the others did too. They deserve more attention than I'm giving them. I'll proceed to write about this issue.

So I wonder if any of those early HM shirts survived, like in the ad on p. 44 that says "flocked as thick as your finger"

"Blob" by Druilliet was short and to the point, with unique framing. I liked it.

"Dawn of the Dead" by George Romero. Wow, pages of words. About a movie. With zombies. Nuthin wrong with that.

"One Foot in Eden" by Mark Wheatley. More words, but with more pictures. Somehow the three stories and the, um, straightforward, art, combined to catch my attention. Evil foiled by drunkenness was funny. Written stories like this and the previous were common at the time, and had some advantages.

"The Airtight Garage" by Moebius. Man did this one go on forever. The zooming in on the Archer/android's head was kind of cool.

"Shattered like a Glass Goblin" by Ellison and Stout. I'm writing this review because of this one. I was struck by the extraordinary story, and the way the pictures illustrated it. A descent into madness was never shown to me in such a way. It went from believable to incredible, but it made it seem I could imagine it like this. This showed an advantage that words have. There are many words written about this Ellison story on the internet. Finally, the last panel, placed so it was seen as the page was turned, remains one of the most visually striking images I have seen in HM magazine so far. (note - still is)

"Heilman" by Voss. I always enjoyed these. The story and settings were interesting, I guess having lots of reincarnation allows for variety. In this one Heilman gets too attached to his existence and loses badly. I always enjoyed the art, the shading with elongated diamond shaped lines really draws my attention.

"So Beautiful and so Dangerous" by McKie. So it begins. This is an ambitious story that starts powerfully. I'll admit that something about the art, the perspective or something, doesn't work for me, but I don't let that keep me from enjoying this. The scope and depth of what it attempts to tell kept me interested. There is much more to this story than what was in the first HM movie.

"Curious Thing" by Bissette. Hey, that was funny when the space thing hralped in the cornfiled.


another one

'One Step Beyond - June 1996'

While this issue was a blatant attempt to cash in more on the re-release of the Heavy Metal movie. I thought there were a couple worthwhile aspects to it.

First, the Gallery section on Corny Cole was very interesting to me. The Neverwhereland sequence is one of the highlights of the HM movie for me. I had no idea he was so prolific. I was surprised to not find a Wikipedia entry for him. (note, there is a F-book page for him, the Tao of Corny I believe)

Next, the reprinting of the stories that were used for the movie was nice, in that it gave those who had not seen them a chance to see where they came from.

The beginning of Den was really cool, as always, and reminded me again of that time in the late 70's. I had even forgotten about the lizard girl.

I also really liked the entire So Beautiful and So Dangerous. Those who were able to see this and compare to the movie sequence could see how different they were and that the HM story had a great deal more going on.



I recall that I posted a disclaimer before I started these, something about it being my opinion and that I'm not a big comics expert or well read or anything. I'm still just some fan who gets to post things on the internet. Remember kids, just because I like something, doesn't make it good.

'March 1999'

I'm slowly catching up to the present by reading magazines as I get them kind of in order. I just read this one, and it started out like I had come to expect from issues of this time. I have been enjoying the editorials and the letters to the editor, and the references to the internet and emails are kind of amusing.

"The Trend" by Meredith Bogard was more understandable than some of the earlier ones.

I like "Galactic Geographic", I usually do. It's often fantasy told in a believable way. The art being presented as a "sketch from a colonist's electronic notebook" was a nice device, because the art for these is usually nicer.

Manara's "Fantasies" is told in a less believable way. It sure looks good, but seems even less substantial than usual. Of course, maybe it's just me, not being into poetry.

"The Thirsty Hero" story was fun and a little funny.

"Storm: the Slayer of Eriban" was something I enjoyed. A little Wikipedia helped me find that, yeah, this was by the same guy that did "The Trigan Empire" that I found a copy of a couple years ago, Don Lawrence, and that this was from 1984. (At the time I did not notice this when I read "Storm-the Living Planet" in the January 1997 HM). I liked the, um, "classical" comic book style and storytelling, and the story was ok too.

"The Fascination of Television"? Poor guy.

"Rats in the Walls" by Corben really caught my attention. I thought it was intense and well done, and seeing a Corben doing a H.P. Lovecraft story, in 1972, in a 1999 HM, made me wonder why this wasn't in before, like for example the October 1979 H.P. Lovecraft issue? The way the framing and panels were swirled around near the end was interesting, I wondered if it was drawn that way or manipulated after (adapted by Gore?).

"Ari-L" by Caza was likewise interesting for being older, from 84. It sort of took me back to the late 70's in terms of the obtuse story and rather dramatic art.

The Bisley "Simon Coldwater" was a contrast in style to be sure. Sometimes it's more over the top than I need it, but he sure can draw, and some of it is grotesquely funny, like the guy with the E on his shirt on the fifth page with his head sticking out, you'd have to see it.

"The Pill" by Elghorri was tame in comparison, a little cool to read, but it didn't interest me much.

"G-Squad" by Morvan, Buchet, and Color Twins was alright. It had some neat effects, like the rings of fire to show gun shots, and some blurring to suggest motion. I thought the writing on the bomber's hand trigger was funny, that they went to the trouble of doing it twice.

I wonder if any of the pages or images from the early HM website have survived anywhere, all those "All new stories that will never be seen in Heavy Metal Magazine."


Thursday, October 20, 2011

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So shortly after I got back into Heavy Metal Magazine, around 2005, I found Lostboy's Heavy Metal Magazine Fan Page. At the time, there was a forum, and I put up a handful of reviews. Lostboy was kind enough to recently send them to me, and I'm going to amuse myself by putting them here as written (with a note or two added perhaps). So here goes:

'December 1985 - the last monthly', I liked the monthly issues. I liked seeing a new one every month and I liked continuing stories. However, when this one came out I had lost interest, and I didn't see it until I recently got back into Heavy Metal Magazine.

The cover is unique, that type of cut paper sculpture always makes me wonder how they did that. It's also well done, and the biting the bird is almost subtle.

The editorial might be my favorite part. Saying that the change to quarterly was because readers wanted it was disingenuous, but also funny considering much of the previous editorial comment consisted of either "we'll do what we want and you cretins will take it (thanks Lou Stathis)" or "we put boobies on the cover because it sells."

Modern Image doesn't do much for me, it's well drawn and all but it's not what I like.

I always liked Tex Arcana, which is good because it went on forever. The convoluted story and great line drawing were what I liked about it. This last episode ended up seeming rushed by comparision. By the way if you haven't seen you should. The whole thing is online, with a few little changes, including the ending, and more.

The Jealous God was cool, I enjoyed the art and the pacing, rapid changes in perspective and unusual panel arrangement are exhilirating, and the fanciful animals and, um, people, were imaginative. I like it like that. I liked it so much that I'm not bothered by the not-really-an-ending.

Jessie, this is Sahamis Base Calling, was admirable in that it attempted and succeeded for me in showing an attempt to cling to power, by any means, and the risks of dehumanizing yourself and others. I guess it could be called a classic story, it was based on Jack London after all.

Rock Opera, my favorite. I always looked forward to seeing this. The evolution of this story from a couple panels to a humongous blob, belching satire and invective, leaving behind a slimy trail, kept me buying the magazine for a while. The art style was neat, the way photos were altered and copied into the frames. The lack of a real story, letting the author pick and choose the targets, kept me interested. Seeing it now reminds me how topical but dated it was. Compared to the meanderings that came before, this one seemed rushed to me too.

The Duel by Voss. I liked his style, this story is pretty light, but it's ok.

the bus, it was good, I miss it.

Foxx-Hole by Howarth, you know, I like it, but it doesn't stand out.

I did always like HM's Hollywood Hell by Drew Friedman, they didn't even have to make sense for me.

Papa Superstar by Ribera. I like the drawing, but that type of coloring sometimes misses the lines, sometimes that bugs me. The story is kind of funny, the Master of Darkness is worried about the kind of people his daughter is hanging out with. The way it points out the fatuousness of all parties is funny to me too.

I always like looking at the ads in old issues too. Things really are different now. How about that hand lettered t-shirt ad that shares a page with the bus on p. 73?

thanks again Lostboy,