Monday, June 10, 2013


Some significant changes in my HM multiverse.

Happily, Tex Arcana was recently updated, the 4th book is now up to 346 pages.  In that Mr Findley indicated he may not ever work on it again (too busy with actual paying work) I am thrilled to see even this addition of a couple pages.  Mysterious and foreboding pages they are, too.  It's wonderful to see.  I hope there will be more to come, but even if not Mr Findley has my gratitude for sharing this work.  You should go to and seek out Book 4, and read it, all of it, really you should.

Unhappily, Jeremy Ray seems to have pulled the plug on XTIN.  The web page and the SmackJeeves and Comic Fury pages it linked to, and his Deviant Art pages, have all disappeared.  While he completed the posting of XTIN The Dragon's Dream World, his attempts at XTIN2, first as comic, then as prose work, displeased him and he quit them, and now seems to have quit altogether.  He made statements about wanting fame, and it seems the small audience he was able to reach was inadequate.  I have more regrets about this loss.  I thought XTIN's art was excellent and the storytelling fascinating, but Mr Ray's complaints stirred feelings in me more of pity than empathy.  I hope he finds what he wants and gets what he needs from his work and his life.

Waiting for the next Kranburn, should be any day now, and the next HM in a couple weeks.

(edit) Mr Ray has indicated that he will try again to publish XTIN.  I'd really like that, but I'll believe it when I see it.