Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 2011

Cover - 7 (the style and subject don't thrill me, but Bisely's execution does)

Gallery - 6 (I appreciate the energy and presentation, I know I'm missing out not chasing the QRs, but I'm not as impressed by Mr. Bite's work as he is.)

Dossier - 6 (Nice use of views of old and new work.  I've only looked at darkbrain a couple times, maybe I'll look again.)

Malevolence - 3 (I was sort of following where it was going, until it got there.  Actual willful torture offends me.)

I, Dragon:  the End of Genesis - 7 (Though I sometimes wished the art was less sketchy, Gimenez is still really good.  The story was wordy, but I liked it.)

The Only God - 7 (nice shift in a story I've seen before, to a better (?) ending.)

Darwin's Defeat - 8 (The best story in the issue by far, well told with better art execution than I usually see Llarena get.)

Metal Media - 6 (I can see that Buscema's ability deserves praise, but this article is light.)

Artist Studio - 7 (I admire the artist's ability in several media, and I do like looking for detail in line drawing...)

back cover - 7

not a bad issue, some good stuff and there have been worse.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanks Lostboy

Lostboy recently announced that he will no longer update his site beyond a few movie items and others:

Personally I am quite disappointed.  Lostboy's site is a tremendous resource for HM fans, and his perspective has been affectionate but not blindly accepting.  However, he doesn't owe me anything, and I respect his decisions.

I found his site when I was just getting back into HM, and I was searching for references to the Timothy Leary interview in the October 1983 issue.  Back then it came right up and I was amazed at the depth of information he had compiled.  (now it's back about 5 pages in search results)

I and other HM fans owe Lostboy a debt of gratitude for his efforts and the wealth of information his site offers.  I can only wish him the best and hope he keeps in touch.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

September 2011

Now that all those past reviews are up, guess it's time to get caught up with recent issues.

Cover - 7 (I like pink, and it's been a long time since a music reference was on the cover.)

New Dawn Fades - 6 (That all you got?  Pretty nice action but not a lot more.)

Machina - 7 (Nothing new here, clunky translation, but it looks nice.)

Kunkka Pinups - 6 (some nice imagination with some uneven execution.)

Bounty Journal - 7 (well, if you're gonna have pointless mayhem, it might as well be fun)

In Your Youth's Summer - 7 (can't really see the art, but it looks cool and I liked the hand lettering)

Wraithdt Pinups - 5 (some nice detail on the armor, but not enough)

Dead Meat - 7 (I really like the use of different art and the composition, there's not much story though)

Hell-O-Kitty - 7 (Awww, isn't it cute how the flying superkittys destroy that giant robot?)

Yu Ming Pinups - 5 (only two?)

Rule My World - 7 (I like this kind of style, and it's done nicely.  Not really a happy ending though, is it?)

Infinite - 7 ( cool, nice axe.  she has backup?)

Turn Me On - 2 (dislike the idea, and not done all that well)

Eko Puteh Pinups - 5 (only three?)

Amplification - 7 (more manga-y than I usually care for, but some nice freakiness at the end.  more musical weapons too.  it's been a while since that's been a feature of HM)

Back Cover - 6 (nicely done, but silly)

Pretty nice issue I thought.