Saturday, March 17, 2018

Richard Corben's Neverwhere

I saw this on Rod Kierkegaard's twitter.  I had heard of this early Corben work but here I got to see the actual short film for the first time:

Richard Corben's Neverwhere

It's certainly remarkable.  I can marvel at the look back almost 50 years ago, and imagine what it took him to make this at the time, be amazed by the amazing hand drawn animation, and see where his Den came from.  I can also find amusement in things that were uneven or clunky or silly, and overlook things that weren't even funny.  That, and that it's come to my attention in my advanced years, right when there's Corben in the mag again.  Wow man.

Mr. Corben is still around too.  Check him out and buy his stuff whenever possible.