Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kranburn #2

Getting this was just as expensive and challenging as last time, I'm happy I did just the same.  The cover shows BMB's ability for close detail.  It's interesting that the guy's body tattoo is some sort of comic background art, pasted in.  He's got a nice approach to using digital image copying in the comic, sometimes making small changes between sequential panels, or more separate panels, or like this.  I think it works well.

The plot thickens.  A love interest, family / social conflict, a bit of reminiscing, a forage run turns bad.  Told with the words and thoughts of the characters, and with some real ranges of emotion.  And with the same raw style and gleeful depictions of nasty violence that we love about this comic.  I realize I have the benefit of seeing the online version first with BMB's slang interpretations, and some of the comments, and it really helps me see farther into this comic.  It's still there, you should go look.  I knew what a dinger was before we saw it. 

Did I mention the violence?  Man, it's nasty.  Looks like he likes to draw this type of thing, and I like it too.  If a story of the vicious struggle for post apocalyptic survival drawn with raw black and white emotion appeals to you, it's worth it to look at this online, and maybe even buy it like I did.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tex Arcana

John Findley was kind enough to reply.  He said he's too busy doing other work that actually pays, and won't get back to Tex Arcana until later this year, if at all.  As much as I'd love to see more, I can only wish him the best.  He's already given us plenty and doesn't owe me anything.  I think I'll buy the book with the first three stories collected.  Maybe you should too.