Sunday, April 29, 2012

(crickets chirping)

it's been pretty quiet in my corner of the HM universe.  the new issue hasn't shown up at my local bookstore yet.  I'm looking forward to whining about it, the four cover versions is an idea that might have been good but didn't turn out that way.

Lostboy's HM fan page hasn't shown an update for months, not that I really expect one.  Gates has stopped, Rod Kierkegaard has been quiet, though I got his Mirrorland and I'm reading that slowly, xtin has fallen off the page but might be somewhere else, he was complaining of needing to do something else, but I hope it gets done.  Kranburn continues, and I did get the second issue so I suppose I could put up a review.

I did email John Findley to ask if Tex Arcana might continue.