Tuesday, December 27, 2011

January 2012

happy holidays, every damn one of them...

January 2012

Cover - 6 (The disdainful sneer is the best part.  The rest is flat and pointless.)

Gallery - 6 (This looks good enough to enjoy if it was in HM magazine, but I don't think I'll go buy it.)

Dossier - 7 (Don't know Chris Rush, but the article was a good read.)

Animal'z - 7 (wow, Enki Bilal.  Looks more like a sketchbook, but still shows a mysterious story.  And it's "to be continued next issue", an actual serial?)

Wisher #2 - The Fabled Ones - 6 (It was ok, some of it looked good, and some of it was funny.)

Dreamz - 7 (I admire Llarena for the effort to find humanity, and the art is a step up for his stories.)

Metal Media - The Zodiac Button - 8 (I had interest having grown up in that time, and this story is told in such a personal perspective.  And yes, "Ray, that's just weird")

The Tants - 7 (It's not great, but it helped me as I've thought about the current zombie cultural popularity.  I think it's a processing of collective fear of "the other", those who are different from you and your tribe and are threatening just because.  This fear is commonly exploited in our cultural and political lives.  This story helped me see that "the other" can also be seen as similar to you, as well as different.)

Will o' the Wisp - 6 (The color and backgrounds and composition were really nice, the rest of the line art looked blunt and hurried on top of it in comparision.  The story did show some real emotion.)

the Age - 6

Artist Studio - 7 (the guy's got some ability, and shows some range in the little bitty images on the last page.)