Sunday, February 25, 2018

Dean Haspiel

So you may know, as I do, that Dean Haspiel is a creator who's been in a few HM issues recently, #281, #284, #285.  Perhaps you know, which I didn't right away, that he's a busy NYC based award winning artist, with a great deal of work out there, including some free web series about New Brooklyn, The Red Hook and War Cry (it looks like The Red Hook is getting printed too). 

But did you know he's also a playwright?  Late last year Haspiel's "Harakiri Kane" was produced at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, he's called it an "existential gore noir".  This year, his "Last Bar at the End of the World", "with a twist of metaphysical, and is about troubled people reckoning with lost love and the sages in their lives" is coming to life this spring.  This info and a good deal more is on his website

It's notable that in both plays, Stoya is featured.  She and Mr Haspiel collaborated on "One Such Partner" in HM #281, apparently they were introduced by one of the HM execs.  Ms Stoya is an accomplished performer and creator as well, with much of her work of an adult variety.

It sounds kinda interesting, I might even see it if it wasn't in effin' NYC.  But there's an indiegogo fundraising page, so one could throw money that way for a piece of the action  But for now I'll just enjoy these and other flimsy connections to HM magazine as they touch the little world around me.