Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I waited long for something to come of Gates, it seems that I will remain unrewarded.  While it continues to be linked on the HM main page, and the Links page of this blog, pretty much nothing is happening.

An interesting premise of transhumanism and hints of a great deal of background work, led me to anticipate a rich and interesting story and imaginative artwork.  After more than a year of plodding storytelling and underachieving art, it stopped.  Now it appears Mr. Hefner is working on a prequel to Gates involving visits to his roots and more background development, said to be presented as "transmedia".

I admire the effort and passion he brings to his work, but the results continue to leave me wanting more.  Often the blog posts beneath the webcomic page were more interesting than the story.  His defiant attitude to naysayers and his commitment to his craft earn my respect, but the results in this story have not satisfied me.

I'll go take a look occasionally so you don't have to.  I'll let you know if something comes up.  Until then go look at Kranburn, or read some Rod Kierkegaard Jr.