Tuesday, September 4, 2018


So, being about a bazillion years old, of course I'm bad at the internet.  I got to do computer work in school in the mid and late 70s (meaning carrying around paper rolls and cards with holes punched in them, and printouts of results), played Amiga video games in the 80s (DeathSword!) and had home computers from the late 90s (dial up internet anyone?), and have been doing this blog for almost 10 years.  But none of that ever helps me keep up with where the cool kids hang out.

Actually getting up off my lazy butt and looking, helped me find that Heavy Metal still has an active internet prescence, on Igram, and is also more active on Tmblr.  That's a bit more encouraging than the dormant state of the HM website and the relatively low activity at their Fbook or Twiddler.  By the way, the youtube linked on the HM website exists, though nothing new has been added since the Eastman era, but the older one with the Eyebrow Tuna videos is still up too (that I noted here).  I bet there's other stuff out there I don't know about.

All this takes me back to the early days of Heavy Metal on the internet, and the forum that led to my little blog, full of Eastman promises and early troll dumbfuckery, as well as adding depth and breadth to my HM worldviews.

So it's nice to know someone is still trying to keep HM on the internet, and I hope they get some help soon.


  1. Welp, in another example of destroying the village in order to save it, the Cover Gallery on the HM website is gone. Not unlike when they shut down the old HM website forums to deal with the pervasive spam. A link to the instagram added makes me want to think it's the start of a general update, but I can't really get my hopes up. This time I'm less pissed off than just disappointed and annoyed. We still have the mag, and that's the important thing, but losing the valuable database still stinks. Change happens, sometimes it's good, too often it's crappy and sad.

  2. Now half the internal links on the HM website are broken, 404 errors. It's not looking good...

  3. Well, at least the News link works again. The page it links to hasn't had news since March '18, but still.