Saturday, July 21, 2018

One Such Partner

One Such Partner is a story by Stoya and Dean Haspiel that was in #281, the Sex Issue.  It fit the theme and I liked it mostly, but a little thing annoyed me about it.  My review is here. 

I found out that a guy says it's based on a true story about him.  I have no reason to not believe it.  He's known as Rev. Mitcz and the story is in two parts, and  They're pretty fun reads.

Now before you start clicking on things, get to a safe place since they're pretty NSFW.  I admit that's part of the fun, in a prurient way, but they descibe life in a world I'll never be, in a place that I mostly avoid.  Kinda like HM, sometimes I like to pretend, but it ain't me.  Seems to be him though, and her, and more power to them.  Rev. Mitcz appears to be a comedian with an attitude I would have called punk in the 80s, and his writing evokes actual feelings in the midst of the mayhem.  Similarly Stoya writes and speaks, as well as performs and acts, with what seems awareness and purpose.  In fact they collaborate,  I can find things to admire in both of them.

While the stories themselves have much to find interesting, the bigger picture for me is finding stories about a story in Heavy Metal, and how it informs and even improves my view of the one in HM.  That was fun.

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