Monday, July 16, 2018

Blues Ratz #1

Blues Ratz #1 is a story about three brothers in a punk rock band, who live with their mom.  It's by Attila Kiss and Greg Woronchak, and published by Scattered Comics.  The band, the Punk Bratz, is struggling, as their drummer has "lost his rhythm", and the story gets complicated fast.  The mom has recruited their Canadian cousin to manage the band, and bringing him up to speed is used to tell some backstory.  She explains that her two older sons have the same name since their father was so drunk he forgot he used the second's name on the first.  The oldest son, the rhythm-less drummer, has the "Hungarian Blues", an obsession that consumes the mind until it's satisfied.  Their father had the "blues" too, his obsession was to see the Hungary soccer team beat England.  And when it happened, he was killed for celebrating by his banned hooligan neighbor.  And then it gets complicated....

Now, like I said, I'm not a big comics fan, and this isn't something I would normally review.  But Attila Kiss, known to me as Intone Flux from the old HM forums, asked me to, and he sent me something else I'll get to later that I liked a bit more, so I agreed.  While I found this work uneven, with some parts not very interesting to me, there were some things that I did like.
The characters are anthromorphic rats, and there's a reference to cats in their world, but otherwise it doesn't seem to have much relevance in the story.  The art is nicely appropriate for a comic, and there are some flashback parts where the images are grayer and softer focus, which is effective but can be kind of murky and hinder the storytelling.  The story itself has several interesting aspects, like past experiences defining characters' present actions, and some funky names, and it has an energetic pace that can be at once engaging and dizzying.  The setting of a London punk band living with their mom, and the subtitle "Never mind the puberty, here's mid life crisis" is both a bit clever and sadly ironic.  The gang tries several ways to cure "the blues" which don't work as intended, and require getting bailed out of jail more than once.  This story ends with a surprise offer of help from someone in their past, and it's to be continued in #s 2 and 3.

So it was fun to read this, and nice of Attila Kiss to think of me and send it.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy it, and that may include some who come by here.  So here's where to get it:

Here is the publishers link to Blues Ratz:

Issue #1 available at:

Blues Ratz #2 Trailer:

Issue #2 available (for now only) at:

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