Saturday, July 14, 2018

Attila Kiss

Back in the late 00's when the Heavy Metal magazine web site had a forum, there was a participant who went by Intone Flux, who was active and prone to frequent comments and long posts on HM, and other topics that could be somewhat related (some were impressively long and supplemented with images and research), and who also started the idea of rating issues and their stories on a 1-10 scale.  I joined in with some regularity, and some others also added to the mix.  When they shut down the forums in 2011 (They suffered from inadequate moderation and multiple spam attacks, and pulled the plug instead of trying to save it.) I was so saddened and annoyed I started this little blog.

I liked IF's forum comments for the insights that were displayed, and despite the use of language that made me think English was not learned first, the fearless enthusiasm for the topics, related to HM or not.  I enjoyed participating in a public opinion forum, and IF's reviews were a chance to join a conversation.  Being a part of something like that, and missing it when it was gone, is why I do this now, so in some part I owe it to Intone Flux.

Since then, Intone Flux has commented here a few times, and contacted me about some other things, including work on actual comics.  Indeed, he's outed himself as Attila Kiss, a contributor to a handful of published comic works.  He's even asked me to review some of them, and I have once, it was in You Are Not Alone in January 2014.  At the time, I hesitated to include a review of YANA, since it wasn't really HM related at all, but because it was such an important topic of resisting and surviving abuse, I agreed, and the post got a good deal of traffic for being on my puny and insignificant blog.  I declined another time ("It's All in the Moon" in Grayhaven Comics "The Gathering"), but, undaunted, he's contacted me again, and this time I agreed to review a couple stories, since I quite liked one, and since I'm impressed enough with his determination and success of actually being published, to show him the respect of an honest review of the work.

So shortly I will put up reviews of The Heart, and Blues Ratz #1, from Scattered Comics, for your interpreting pleasure, and thank IF for thinking of me from those early days of the new millenium, so long ago.  Until then, Attila Kiss exists elsewhere in cyberspace and beyond:

Attila Kiss Fbk

Attila Kiss Twtr

Scattered Comics Profile

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  1. I remember meeting HM in 2011 a little late but I would like to have joined the if group!