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This story appeared in May 1977, the second issue.  It was the first story in the issue, credited to Tardi, Jacques Tardi I believe, who appears to have had other entries in the early years of the mag, including Polonius, as well as a distinguished history of other work.  A story of space love and pirates, I liked it much, but I never knew what the Russian dialog was.  I'm sure others have figured it out before me, but I didn't see it online anywhere.  Now, with the awesome powers of the internet at my fingertips, I can figure it out.  After slightly tedious text entry, the space-age telecommunications system all around us gave me the translations in moments.  I left the translations mostly alone, only a couple slight edits. and I thought the garbled syntax and word selection was fitting, with the long tradition of humorous translations in HM's history.  I further amused myself photographing the pages (no scanner) to place here.  What fun.  Clearly, this is another pinnacle of my Heavy Metal Magazine fanboyhood.  Enjoy!





Очи жгучце очи страстные ... Очи красные и прекрасные ... Как люблю я вас

The eyes of the burning eyes are passionate ... The eyes are red and beautiful ... How I love you





Светлана, как чувствует себя наш сын, первый ребёнок шпации ... Ну, расскаж ...

Svetlana, how our son feels, the first child of the space ... Well, tell us ...

Всѐ хорошо!  Он совсем нормально развивается.  Через несколько часов, он имеет взрослый рост.

All is well! It is quite normal. A few hours later, he has adult growth.

Отлично!  Мы сможем вернуться домой.  Тебе нравилосъ бы покидать твои контроли несколько минут?

Excellent! We can go home. Would you like to leave your controls for a few minutes?

Согласно, Никита ... А, пожалуйса, не слишком долго.

I agree Nikita ... And, please, not too long.

Наше свадебное путишествие оканчиьается, ребёнок растёт, миссия наша-успех ... Светлана, я тебя люблю!

Our wedding journey ends, the child grows, our mission is success ... Svetlana, I love you!

Всё чудесно произошло!  Надеемся, что приято вернёмся!

Everything happened miraculously! We hope that we will return!





В то же время ...

In the same time ...

Надеемся, что Светлана и Никита прожили чудесное свадебное путешествие и что нам приносят прекрасного ребёнка шпации ...

We hope that Svetlana and Nikita have had a wonderful wedding trip and that they bring us a beautiful space baby ...



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  1. hey Fred the remarkable stories for me were druuna and the Nikopol Trilogy which also mark the presence on hm