Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Dragon's Dream World

XTIN - The Dragon's Dream World, was a webcomic a couple years back, by Jeremy Ray.  I first saw it from posts on the departed HM website forums, several years ago, and was taken by the dramatic black-and-white art and terrific fantasy.  The story contained some otherworldly S&M that could be quite disturbing.  The webcomic seemed to be rather spontaneously created, so some twists and turns in the story and creation occurred.  It had some moderate success, and I even donated a bit, and ended up with a .pdf.

Mr Ray seems hungry for success, and has tried several things since, and recently tried a sequel (prequel?) to XTIN called Reincarrion:  I was quite amused that my puny blog was quoted in a promo video:  JR XTIN

But he can also seem impatient, and has recently shifted to a reworking of The Dragon's Dream World.  I think this is a good thing, since I think some unevenness could be smoothed out for better storytelling and story.  Another .pdf is promised, and I hope it's followed through to completion.  Also sprinkled in the posts are some promos and rants, so there's some other fun to be had, and other opportunities to support Mr Ray's quest for success.

So it's worth checking out and seeing how it progresses, and here's hoping for Mr Ray's success.

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