Wednesday, January 27, 2016

whither Kranburn

Kranburn has vaporized.  The webcomic site is gone, it's been a couple weeks now.  No clues I've seen on Twiddler or Farcebook, though there may be something in the secret friend zone I don't see.  They appear to still be sold at FEC comics, through #10, which the webcomic was a few pages into, but otherwise that site hasn't had an update in months.

How sad.  #11 had been promised, and there was potentially much more.  I know Mr Byrne had mentioned that drawing was now a chore, and he has also been working on a couple other projects publicly, NSEW and Gutter now, but I haven't found any mention of what might happen to Kranburn.

Mr Byrne can do whatever he likes, and I wish him the best on his other projects and his actual life, but Kranburn is what interested me from the start, when he shared some of it on the departed HM website message boards, and that's why I mention it on my puny blog here.  I still think Kranburn would make a great HM serial.

If this is the end, so be it, and thanks for everything, but I'll continue to wish for more.


  1. A bit shocked by this. Sad to see it go.

  2. The sadness of Internet comics is that one often doesn't get to see the end of a brilliant story. Farewell Kranburn.

  3. The author ate a bad chocolate twinkie and got mad.

  4. they have chocolate twinkies down under?

  5. what happened was this: He got busy with life and stuff and forgot to update the side kind of often but when he did he'd give us a lot of pages (more than he'd missed generally) but some "Internet Warriors" got all kinds of pissed and raged in the comments of the comics about how he "owed" them the updates and is obligated to them...somehow... after a while he got pissed off by this and just shut everything down.
    I can't really blame him for not wanting to put up with bullshit... but god damn I miss that comic.... I still keep the bookmark and check it every few months...its a fucking awesome story.

  6. yeah, thanks, I thought it might be something like that. I miss it too, it was great. There's enough there in the story it could keep going for a long time (if he wanted, maybe someday...). I haven't looked for a while, and I don't see much of what else he's doing these days, though NSEW looks good.

    This post keeps getting views after more than a year, it's like there are people out there still looking for news of Kranburn.


  7. "... it's like there are people out there still looking for news of Kranburn."

    Yep. :-(

  8. Yup, still missing the comic like crazy.
    There will always be jerks on the internet, I just wish everyone else didn't need to be punished for it. :(

    Sounds like he was getting tired of making it anyway though. Hopefully one day he'll return to it.

  9. you're not the only one still missing that comic man, it was/is the best post apocalyptic comic I have/had ever seen.