Monday, March 31, 2014

More Tex Arcana

Yippee!  Mr Findley has produced a few more new pages of Tex Arcana, for his fourth as-yet unpublished book.  After a couple years of inactivity, this is the second addition in several months, and I hope it means he'll keep working on it.

They're another terrific installment of his "now-quadfurcated tale" that I highly recommend you go see right now.  Mr Findley's style of finely hatched line drawing and otherworldly doings in an Old-West setting was some of my favorite work to appear in Heavy Metal.  I'll even link right to the new page, though I really think you should navigate the whole site and read through all of it:

I'm very grateful to Mr Findley for continuing this story and sharing it with us.  I hope he keeps at it, but even if he doesn't he still has my gratitude and admiration.  My only lament is that I don't expect to ever see these in print.  Sometimes Tex Arcana was published in the mag on lesser-quality paper, but it's still better seeing it on paper than on my crappy screen.  I would like for HM's new owners to bring Mr Findley back in and publish the new Tex Arcana serially, in hopes that it would be worth his while to continue, and to give me something to look forward to in the mag besides Animal'z.  I'm not holding my breath.

Thanks again Mr Findley.  Hope to see more soon.

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