Lostboy's Fan Page, the Best.  I can thank Lostboy for helping me get back into HM.  His fanpage is still the most comprehensive HM info resource, even though the search function is broken and he's not updated it since November 2011, (except for some stuff about the War of the Worlds-Goliath movie):

The "Official" HM site:

John Findley's Tex Arcana was one of my favorite HM stories.  He had it all online, with some edits, but it's been taken off.  Fortunately it's still for sale.  It's been years since it was updated, it was still really cool:

Rod Kierkegaard Jr. did Rock Opera in the 80s, which not everyone liked but I did.  He's still writing, his Obama Jones and the Logic Bomb is futuristic and very enjoyable, you should read it.  And his other stuff too.  His blog hasn't been updated in a few years: but he's more active on twitter these days:

Ferran Xalabarder has been in HM a number of times, and he actually contacted me once.  He has a bunch of his work available, including the ONIRIA:  GENESIS book he contacted me about:

Ben Michael Byrne put up some Kranburn on the old HM forums, I really liked it then, and I still think it would be great in HM.  He put it all online, and after disappearing for a while, it's back:, BMB Fbook, Stark Reality Comics Fbook, BMBtwtr

I like Por Por Books Blog and I visit it often enough that I decided to put the link here.  A range of SF and other reviews, with a healthy helping of HM, presented with a bit of perspective from the times they came out, and many scanned images of covers and pages.  The author's viewpoint has enough similarities to mine, viewing things as they appeared at the time, with a bit of dry wit, for me to find it appealing.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Recently migrated to Wordpress.  A now-comic-artist putting up a scan a day of HM pages, from his late father's collection, with a critical but appreciative eye.


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